Yet another year is nearly over

Dear Bloggers,

2009 started with many questions but the main question was: what am I going to do with my life? I was working as a receptionist but wasn't too lucky with my body. And pain became my enemy, it wasn't the job itself as I was enjoying it very much, my body was hitting the brakes more and more and in the beginning of May it came to a full stop. Not like the years before where I could have sworn that it was my "call".

Well this year has been wonderful to me when it comes to personal and spiritual growth. I have been blogging and writing like never before, I was at home on sick leave and experienced lots of other things. I have banned the “R word” out of my vocabulary.

Unfortunately the last few months I had plenty time to concentrate on this blog like I want to but that is to change now. At least at this moment I can say that the postings will be better in every way but you know how it is, it looks good when you say it but once you are there...

For 2010 I have a few projects planned and I am sure it will all go well. I am using my time to get things rolling to start a new life and in a new job. Financially it will probally get a lot better. As soon we have sold our house. The new lifewill be less hectic but that is good forevery one.

Now the question for 2010 is no longer " what am I going to do with my life?" but instead " How can I get better at what I do?". Life is a long journey and we learn from everything that happens on the way.

Well yet another year has passed, I am very happy with mine, how was yours?

A verry Happy New Year to all of you

The Old Sailor,


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